the infamous widebody bugeye from japan

This car has been posted on various blogs and forums, even I have posted it a couple times but who cares because its worthy of the praise its getting. If you dont remember which car im talking about then take a look below.


I think this car changed the way a lot of subaru owners looked at wheel and tire sizing. Theres still those 18×8 +50 purists floating around bringing hate on anything with an offset lower than +35 but its nice to see the subaru community taking influence from different styles. This dude is now sporting 5zigens for track duty, and of course they’re “one with the fender”.





2 Responses to “the infamous widebody bugeye from japan”

  1. 1 SLang
    January 9, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Whats going on? I realize this isn’t a forum but since we’re on the subject of subie offsets… got any ideas on pulling off a “hellaflush” stretched tire look on an 05 LGT? It’s sitting on Tarmac 1 coilovers and I’d like to run 19×8 for looks but lets hear what ya have to say. I’d rather not roll the fenders. For an image, the cars silver and I’m thinking Advan RS or RZ’s. Still stuck on the color thou. BTW, I dig the blog & check it almost daily. Keep it up!

  2. January 11, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Hey Scott, thanks for reading the blog !

    19×8 is a nice size for the LGT but you’ll be limited on the offset and tire size, plus you can def fit a wider wheel in there.

    Since you don’t want to deal with rolling fenders and stuff, i would go with an 18×9 +35 and 235/40/18 tires. The Advan RZ’s have the GTR face at that offset which means the wheel has more of a concave look to it. The RS on the other hand only has GTR face at the +29 and lower so it won’t be as concave but it will still be flush.

    As far as color, if it were my car i would probably go with bronze but honestly you can’t make a wrong choice with a silver car, everything goes with silver.

    here’s a LGT with the size i mentioned above, its a black car but you get the idea:

    i hope that helps you out dude, if you need any more info you should check out http://t3hclap.com/ He knows everything there is to know about wheel fitment and fender mods.

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