2 Responses to “stealthy”

  1. February 24, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    very stealthy indeed. any info on the turbo setup?

    btw, new episodes of wangan, subbed!



    • February 25, 2009 at 5:38 pm

      yep, heres the specs:

      – EJ257 case
      – CP pistons + HPC moly disulfide “teflon” skirt coating, ceramic crown coating
      – Eagle rods
      – new STI crank
      – balanced rotating assembly from damper to clutch plate, 8000RPM capable
      – 11mm STI oil pump
      – Cosworth bearings
      – BC 272/272 cams
      – BC stage 1 valvetrain (single valve spring, titanium retainers)
      – STI heads with complete and total P&P from local expert
      – P&P TGV deletes
      – HPC ceramic coated combustion chambers and valve faces
      – HPC thermal coated STI manifold
      – HPC thermal coated APS inlet pipe
      – HPC thermal coated APS 70mm CAI
      – APS DR725 FMIC polished silver
      – Deadbolt/FP hybrid (originally SZ55) 3″ inlet, 7cm^2 hotside
      – Deatschwerks 815cc sidefeed (custom one-off set)
      – P&P stock header
      – Grimmspeed coated crosspipe
      – TurboXS EWG up-pipe
      – Tial 44mm 1bar EWG
      – HKS 3″ downpipe
      – HKS Hi-Power catback

      thanks for the link dude! you just made my afternoon

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