studio update #2

Today I tracked the guitars for my record. The studio has been really booked up lately so I didn’t have much time to work with. I was originally supposed to come in at 12:30 and be packed up by 6 but some pop singer’s session was running over, Im assuming it was a pop singer because there was an entourage of dolled up girls sitting around in the lobby with their hand bags and starbucks cups everywhere. So I finally got started at around 1:45ish after we finished setting up the amps and tweaking the effects. The studio recently got an Orange endorsement so they had various models in the session rooms, I have an AD140 at home which sounds awesome but these models they had in the studio blew my amp away.


I played half of the tracks through the Thunderverb 50 and my Fernandes Vertigo H80, the japanese version (JDM yo!) with the mini-humbuckers and mahogany body. Any other guitar players reading this know just how sweet and twangy mini-humbuckers sound, so you could imagine how authentic and british this set up sounded like.


For the rest of the tracks I played through the OR50 40th anniversary amp, I wanted to rip it out of the wall and run off into the sunset with it. The sound was that authentic smooth warm tone that the true-hand-crafted-in-Europe models are known for. For this amp i used a Gibson Les Paul classic that they had hanging up in the studio. This guitar really added the low end that the other set up lacked. 


I started with the first song and just kept going, playing all of the clean parts, switching guitars, playing the heavy parts, layering leads, doing the solos, switching amps, then boom… next song. Being so pressed for time I couldn’t stop for a breather or grab food and im glad I didn’t because as soon as I finished the last note on the last song of the day it was 2 minutes to 6. Now that guitars are out of the way, I can get started on the vocals and then mixing, mastering, duplicating, and packaging. Im starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel !


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