Toyota 086A


An insider at Toyota R&D has finally spilt the beans and revealed that the upcoming Toyota compact sports car, codenamed 086A, will offer lines not unlike the current Lexus LF-A prototype as seen at the recent Nürburgring 24 Hour endurance race. The Toyota insider has apparently been sitting on this information for quite some time and has only now decided to come forward with it after seeing conflicting information in the Japanese press about two different body styles being tested. The insider claims he has seen the 086A and is adamant that only one body style will be offered and that body style will differ only very slightly between the Toyota and Subaru versions, such as the front grille, head/tail light treatment and badges. When the insider was asked about the appearance of the 086A, he clearly pointed out that it will be lower and wider than the old ZZT231 Celica and will have an “orthodox 2+2 coupe style, with a silhouette resembling the Lexus LF-A”. The renders above show what the 086A could look like with lines similar to the LF-A.

source: 7tune.com


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